Creating the largest virtual retail franchise across

A complete retail operating platform that empowers traditional trade retailers in Pakistan to grow their margins and revenues

Empowering Traditional Trade    Retailers

We offer a user-friendly interface for retailers that is intuitive and allows them to integrate a majority of their functions in it. This enables them to seamlessly perform their day to day activities and much more. Our onboarded retailers have had a brilliant experience working with us and actively help us improve to be as customer centric as possible.

Digitize all retail operations
Optimize your functions
Grow your business with tech
Provide brilliant customer service

Features Available
for your Dukaan.

Bring your dukaan on board with SnappRetail

and make your life easy

Sales Register
Inventory Management
Bill Payments
Card Payments
Stock Ordering
Wallet Onboarding
Consumer Promotions
Retailer Rewards

Retailer Testimonials

Our Co-founders

Adeel Rasheed

Chief Executive Officer

Moazzam Ali Khan

Chief Strategy Officer

Moiz Ali

Chief Technology Officer

Ahsan Aziz

Chief Product Officer

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